Применение U-образных каналов и фитингов при установке и фиксации стекла




Glass is not only transparent and clean, but also has high strength and hardness. It is an indispensable material in daily production and life. There are various types of glass. In addition to the more common float glass and tempered glass, there are also varieties with special properties such as hot-melt glass, laminated glass, and frosted glass. If you want to know how to fix glass stair handrails, and there are several installation and fixing methods for glass, you will know after reading this article.

customized Shower U Channels & Fittings
    There are two general methods: the stainless steel pipe can be grooved, and the U-shaped groove can be welded. The stair handrail is the support rod of the stair guardrail.
   Like ordinary installation, it can be fixed with glass glue, but the premise is that the glass is placed in a groove. In fact, the glass partition is usually made by a woodworker to make a seat, about 100 high, this seat is fixed to the ground, the seat is There is a groove suitable for the thickness of the glass in the middle of the sub. When the glass is put in, it is very firm with glass glue. The upper end of the glass partition is also the same. In addition, if you install the background wall, you can use advertising nails to fix the four corners and add glass glue. Stainless steel clips can also be used; folded stainless steel can also be used. The actual situation can be communicated with the store.